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Who We Are and What We Do


We are the Kids of Cleveland Youth Organization. Our mission is to invest in creating a society of holistic young people who are valued and thrive in a diverse and healthy community. They will accomplish this through their civic, social, economic, and cultural lives. We aim to empower, enrich, and develop young leaders through knowledge, resources, and leadership.

We started back in 2011 as a basketball program, and now we have evolved into a non profit organization who teaches life skills as well. Sports may be our vehicle, but we also want to develop more doctors, lawyers, civic leaders, and business men and women, for the community.

We're looking to partner with businesses and individuals who share our vision and passion for the youth in our community. Your donation would help us create and maintain life skill training programs, work shops, purchase materials such as books, tablets, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and anything else that the youth in our program may need.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you can help us make a difference in these kids lives, and help them achieve their goals in life.

Kids of Cleveland Youth Organization Standards

*Realize you still have a lot to learn *Recognize you can learn from anyone *Be part of something bigger than yourself *Team goals should be placed ahead of personal goals *Show empathy towards others *Put others’ needs ahead of your own

Everyone leaves a legacy; what will your legacy be?

*Listen to what others expect *Listen to what others need *Listen to the correct people *Listen to develop trust with others *Be quick to listen and slow to speak *What you say should have value & purpose

Are you listening to what others have to teach you? 

*Make the right decisions for the right reasons *Contribute positively anyway you can *Make those around you better *Take initiative-look for what needs to be done & do it *Build up others *Help others to reach their goals

Are others better off because you are here?

*Work hard to determine level of success *Work hard academically *Work hard athletically *Work hard at your relationships *Work hard when no one is looking *Recognize the greatest out work everyone

Do others respect the work you do on & off the court? 

*Always get to your destination early *If your on time your late *Gives you time to gather yourself and prepare *Don’t want to have the “that person is always late” label

Can others depend on you to be on time and prepared?

*Never blame others for your mistakes *Be a problem solver, not a problem maker *Find solutions to the problem, not excuses *Show results instead of giving excuses and saying I can’t

Your actions are your responsibilities! 

*Own up to your mistakes and correct them *Don’t make the same mistakes over and over and expect different results *Answering the results obtained, regardless of the outcome

Individuals with strong personal accountability will not make excuses for bad decisions. 

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When we help our children, we help our future.