A Better Community

By developing positive relationships with people in the community, the youth will value the community more.

Better Leaders

Youth who have been empowered by a community are more likely to become future leaders within the community.

A Better Future

When the youth realize that their opinions matter in the community, they will come back and invest in the community.

Why Build With Us?

To change these circumstances…

53% of kids in Cleveland live in poverty

20% of businesses in the city are minority-owned.

66% graduation rate In the Cleveland Metro School District.

35% of female households have no husband.

16% of people in Cleveland have a bachelor's degree or higher.



Investing in creating a society of holistic young people who are valued and thrive in a diverse and healthy community.

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The purpose of DeLaTierraBoutique is to bring quality holistic products to the public. De La Tierra in Spanish means “of the earth”. We strive to give our supporters the best all natural products that come from Mother Earth. Our aim is to bring you quality, loving, nurturing products with a personal connection. Our humble beginnings will start with high quality, organic, all natural, GMO free loose leaf teas and powders, as well as cultural paintings.

A big part of what we want to accomplish as well is to give our youth an entrepreneurial spirit. This shop will help us show them the basics of business and e-commerce. They will learn how to make financial decisions, make a budget, create and read P&L statements, analytics, and much more. This shop is for them! We humbly thank you for your support.

Peace, love and blessings to all.